Reviewing Rick Kaselj’s ‘Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors’ Program (2)


The cons of the program:
The claims that tight psoas will ruin your life and that you MUST unlock them are ridiculous, I lived just fine with them for years
After your purchase you will be pitched A LOT of add-ons including: 101 anti-aging foods, pain prevention for knees, shoulders, neck, etc
The claim that tight psoas will eventually increase the rate of fat storage in the body is fairly dumb and seems to be just a sales tactic

Q: How does Unlock your Tight Hip Flexors compare to other similar programs?

A: There are many many stretching programs – paid and free – on the internet and in book stores. Many of them only focus on static stretching and fail to properly explain the biomechanics of the actual muscle and why you should stretch it in correct ways. On this aspect, I’d say that Unlock your Hip Flexors is one of the best ones around.

A mobility program that is somewhat similar to this one is called Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kerry Starrett, it’s a really good book (perhaps even better), but more focused on athletes and covers a lot of more body parts than just the hip flexors. If you’re looking for a program that improves your full-body mobility and athletic performance, I would go for Starrett’s book. However if you’re more interested in specifically the muscles of the pelvic region, opt for Kaselj’s Unlock your Hip Flexors PDF.

Q: Are there any bonuses in the program?

A: As I mentioned above, there are a lot of options to buy add-ons after your purchase of the main book. However there are also two free items that come for free with the purchase of the actual program, they are: “the 7 day anti-inflammatory diet e-book” and “unlock your hamstrings manual”.

Q: Are there people that you don’t recommend the program for?

A: Obviously if you’re already very mobile and don’t sit a lot, then you probably don’t need to stretch your psoas and have no use for a program like this.


unlock your hip flexors program reviewUnlock your Hip Flexors – .

In my opinion the Unlock your Hip Flexors PDFdeserves a rating of 4 stars. It’s a good solid program that will guarantee results for people who actually perform the movements, it’s also relatively cheap and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

The reason why it doesn’t get full 5-stars is because of the ridiculous pushing of the add-on items after purchase (these could be all made into one more broad book). There’s also too many unproven claims about the benefits of well-stretched psoas that are probably just part of the sales tactics (they don’t really take anything away of the effectiveness of the actual program though).