Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam or a Big Winner? (2)



How Auto Lotto Processor Works

Auto Lotto Processor gathers data from lotteries all across the globe, so you can use it to help you predict the winning numbers for your favourite lottery in your country, or any other country where you wish to play the lottery and are eligible to do so.

Using special algorithms, the program determines which numbers are due to come up, based on the laws of probability. There is a genuine science to this. It’s not all total chance or hocus pocus. It’s a bit like counting cards when playing Blackjack in the casino. You get a better idea of what might be coming up next. Although with counting cards there are a certain number of each card in the deck, so the math is far more absolute rather than based on the laws of probability alone.

There is definitely some truth to this, despite some industry experts claiming that’s it’s all totally random. Flip a coin enough times and you’ll find that heads and tails will come up roughly even with enough coin tosses. The same can be said of lotto numbers. If a certain number hasn’t been drawn for a while, and every number in a lotto draw has an equal chance of appearing, then that number is considered “overdue” to make an appearance.

However, picking a winning combination of say 6 numbers is still an extremely difficult thing to pull off, even with software that may, to some degree, help reduce the odds. More likely it could help you win smaller prizes more frequently, which could make it worth it.

The software also comes with some training so you fully understand how to use it to your advantage.


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Will It Actually Work?

It’s possible the software will improve your chances, as explained above, but it’s not guaranteed. Mathematical experts will often tell you that the drawn numbers are totally random, therefore nothing can help narrow your odds except for buying heaps of tickets in the one draw with different combinations.

Other mathematicians will say that your odds can be improved by logging the progress of previous draws and using the laws of probability to your advantage.

So which line of thought do you believe?

I think it’s possible that you can improve your odds somewhat. Whether you could use this software to pull off a massive first division windfall, who really knows, but like I said before, it could definitely help you win smaller prizes (prize divisions that are much easier to win) more regularly.


How Auto Lotto Processor Works


Target Audience

I guess this targets everyone from across the world who would like to win the lottery, or at least win smaller amounts more regularly. It’s also aimed at the get rich quick crowd -which could include myself as well at times, as I like buying lotto tickets in the hope of an instant windfall.


What I Like

  • I like the fact that there is actual proof out there that the guy behind Auto Lotto Processor has actually won some major prizes
  • There is quite a bit of information out there about Richard Lustig
  • It may increase your chances of winning big to some degree
  • You don’t need to be any sort of math expert to use the software
  • It could definitely help you win the smaller divisions more regularly


What I Don’t Like

  • Richard hasn’t won anything big since 2010 that I could discover
  • It’s extremely hard to predict all winning lotto numbers for a major jackpot, but not totally impossible


Auto Lotto Processor Proof

How Much Does Auto Lotto Processor Cost?

The software costs a one off fee of $127. Is it worth it?

I guess if it helped you win at least a few hundred dollars in the near future, then you would have to say it’s worth the asking price. If you win a massive first division prize, then it’ll be the best $127 you ever spent in your life!


Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam?

I don’t see this program as a scam at all, and Richard obviously wholeheartedly believes in it. Whether it can help you win the big one, I have no idea, but I can certainly see some logic in the process, and winning regular smaller prizes using the software could actually be possible, making it profitable. If you do decide to give it a go, you really need to try it for at least a few months to really test it out over a series of lotto draws. I don’t think you can just give it a go for a couple of days and expect results.

Click here if you want to check out Auto Lotto Processor further or to give it a try.


A Much More Guaranteed Way To Make Money

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